Morocco Sailing Challenge : They did it !

By 05/07/2017Uncategorized

Mehdi ROUIZEM and Hicham AACHI succeeded in betting the Moroccan coastline from Saïdia to Dakhla on a catamaran without a cabin and without assistance at sea! They left Marina de Saïdia on 27 May, arrived in Dakhla on Wednesday 21 June after having sailed 3000 km and spent seven nights at sea. The two sailors did not receive any assistance at sea and were autonomous In refueling during their nights spent at sea.

The Morocco Sailing Challenge is a challenge launched by two Moroccan youngsters which consists of touring Morocco on a sailing boat. Hicham, 21, and Mehdi, 37, made their six-stage journey from the Mediterranean: Saïdia, Tangier, Mohammedia, Agadir, Laayoune and Dakhla. In total, 2,400 kilometers to convey a strong message: the Moroccan coast is “full of riches and opportunities and it deserves to be preserved.

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