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What must I do when I arrive at the Marina ?

We are on permanent watch on VHF channels 9 & 16. Please inform us of your arrival by radio on channel 9. Our staff will be awaiting you and will escort you to the arrival quay of the marina.

Where exactly is the entrance to the Marina ?

The new marina entrance pass is oriented to the North East. Satellite maps and Google Maps are not updated yet, so please use the map appearing on the marina’s website. The coordinates of the entrance to the Marina are 35° 07 ‘ 030’’ N and 02° 17 ‘ 570’’ West .

Is there a sail loft in the Marina ?

Marina Saidia has many partnerships with quality sail lofts in Spain and France . Shipments are received within 72 hours (+ repair time ) .

There is many craftsmen settled around Saidia that can guarantee maintenance and repair work of high quality. You can arrange an appointment or contact us to get you in touch with one of these skilled workmen.

What papers must I have when I arrive ?

For the citizen of EU or Schengen zone, a valid passport is required . For nationals of other countries, please visit the official website : , ” visit Morocco ” tab.

For the Boats papers : registry certificate , navigation certificate , seaman’s licence or any other official documents according to the legislation of the boat’s origin country, RC insurance covering Morocco as navigation area .

How long can I stay at Saidia Marina ?

A wintering agreement was signed between the Moroccan Customs Department and Marina de Saïdia.

Pleasure craft under a non-Moroccan flag can stay 1 full year in our facilities. This annual period is divided into 2 periods of 6 months: 6 months under temporary admission, period during which you can sail, and 6 months during which your boat enters “wintering”, dry or anchorage. The concept of wintering means that you can not sail, however life on board is allowed. Periods of temporary admission and overwintering can be divided as desired to ensure the freedom of navigation of boaters. For the renewal of the stay, a simple day trip of Moroccan territorial waters is requested and a new annual stay can begin again

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